It is vital that all students come to the Academy prepared to learn.  Each lesson, unless instructed otherwise, a student will be expected to have all of their equipment for learning out ready at the beginning of the lesson.  As well as their uniform, students will need to have the following items with them on a daily basis:

  • School Bag with Wren logo (available from Stevensons) Classroom
  • A tablet device  
  • A pencil case 
  • At least 2 pens black/blue and 1 red pen  
  • 30cm ruler 
  • 2 HB pencils 
  • A purple highlighter 
  • A whiteboard marker 
  • Pocket dictionary (optional) 
  • A 2B and 4B pencil for art 
  • A ruler with measurements 
  • An eraser 
  • A pencil sharpener 
  • A reading book 
  • A scientific calculator, either a Casio fx-83GTX Classwiz, or Casio fc-85GTX Classwiz 
  • A geometry set 

Students should bring their PE kit on the first day of term.  Students will also need to look at their timetable and check when they need to bring in their PE kit on other days.  It is good practice to pack a school bag the night before.