Attendance of Governance Body Meetings 2023/24

Attendance of Governance Meetings

Governor Name Type 09/10/23 29/01/24 11/03/24 17/06/24
Revd Stephen Coleman LDBS Sponsor Governor Chair  Y      
Gonul Daniels LDBS Sponsor Governor Y      
Allan McLean LDBS Sponsor Governor Y      
Charles Okpalanwankwo LDBS Sponsor Governor Y      
Peter Warwick LDBS Sponsor Governor Y      
Julian Anthony Berkhamsted Sponsor Governor Y      
Tom Hockedy Berkhamsted Sponsor Governor Y      
Andreas Christoforou Co-opted Governor Y      
Tim Sullivan Co-opted Governor N      
Jessica Cross Parent Governor Y      
Shabab Chowdhury Alumni Governor N      
Eric Gashi Alumni Governor N      
Gavin Smith Executive Principal Y      
Ertunc Hussein Interim Principal Y      
Ellen Twiddy Staff Governor Y