Wren Academy Enfield Local Governing Body (LGB)

Wren is a sponsored Multi Academy Trust.  Our main sponsor is the London Diocesan Board for Schools LDBS and our co-sponsor is Berkhamsted School.  Together, sponsor representatives form a majority of members on the Enfield Local Governing Body.

The Governors focus on the continued development of Wren Academy Finchley with the following key roles:

  • Scrutinising attainment and progress throughout the Academy
  • Monitoring the achievement of key strategic priorities
  • Engaging with key stakeholders
  • Offering the Academy Leadership Team challenge and support

Governors also carry out a range of other duties in the Academy such as serving on panels to consider parental concerns or attending student disciplinary hearings.

Our Governing Body is made up as follows:

  • 6 Governors nominated by the LDBS
  • 2 Governors nominated by Berkhamsted School
  • 3 Co-opted Governors (Co-opted Governors are selected by the LGB itself)
  • 1 Governor nominated by the local authority (this Governor serves a four year term of office)
  • 2 Governor elected by parents (this Governor serves a three year term of office).
  • 1 Governor elected by staff (this Governor serves a three year term of office).

The Principal serves as a Governor.

The Local Governing Body is also able to appoint Associate Governors according to need.  These colleagues attend Governors' meetings but do not have voting rights.

Please click here to see information on Governors' business interests.



Governor Name

Governor Type

Date of Appointment

Kim Archer (Chair of Directors)



Stephen Coleman (Chair)

LDBS 03.12.2018

Gonul Daniels

LDBS 01.09.2020

Allan McLean

LDBS 01.09.2020

Charles Okpalanwankwo



Peter Warwick

LDBS 01.09.2020

Andreas Christoforou

Co-opted 01.09.2020

Tim Sullivan

Co-opted 01.09.2020

Julian Anthony

Berkhamsted School 01.09.2020

Jane Markby

Berkhamsted School 01.09.2020

Kate Faxen

Parent Governor 01.01.2022

Gavin Smith

Executive Principal 01.01.2008

Ertunc Hussein

Interim Principal 01.09.2020

Marc Lewis

Finance Director 01.01.2008

Ellen Twiddy

Staff Governor 04.01.2021

Jessica Cross

Parent Governor 04.01.2021

Contact can be made with the Chair or Parent Governor in writing via the Academy's postal address:

Wren Academy Enfield
62 Chace Village Road

or attached to an e-mail via