Wren is a Church of England Academy.  At Wren our values and practices are based on the example and teaching of Jesus and are founded on three principles:

  • Wren Academy Enfield 183​​​All students are unique individuals made in God’s image, so deserve to be known and supported by staff in a personalised way.
  • Relationships are key to learning and development; we are called to contribute to the common good, not to be islands.
  • Excellence is strived for in all areas because both God and our neighbours are worthy of our best.

Wren’s Chaplain, will seek to support students and staff whatever their faith background.  A Chaplains work has four main areas of focus:

  • Worship and Prayer:  To support and develop the worship experienced by students and staff through assemblies, tutorial groups and special celebrations.
  • Pastoral:  To pray for and offer pastoral support to the whole Academy community.
  • Formation:  To develop opportunities for students to engage more deeply with issues of faith within and beyond the curriculum, and to make sure there is opportunity to grow in Christian discipleship.
  • ​​Vision:  To support colleagues in ensuring that the Christian Vision runs throughout Wren Academy life, including our structures, curriculum and policies.

We will work with a number of local clergy and youth workers to deliver our collective worship and voluntary groups.

You can find out more about our ethos and stay up to date with what is happening by following chapel@wrenacademy on twitter.​