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At Wren Academy Enfield we place a strong emphasis on developing our school community, this is successfully achieved through the various activities students take part in during their tutorials, lessons and extra-curricular opportunities. 

To develop this further, students also take part in a variety of Inter-house competitions throughout the academic year that are concluded with the students taking part in an Athletics Competition and Sports Day.  These, along with the students, punctuality, attendance and positive contributions, all go towards our Inter-house Cup, which is presented to the top scoring House during our Prize Giving celebrations.


This Academic year, students have participated in a wide range of tasks and activities, that allow for teamwork, inter-personal and problem-solving skills, as well as collaboration. It has been delightful to see students maintain such strong house identity and spirit. The great thing about our range of inter-house competitions is that every student can contribute no matter their strengths and interest.

Our competitions have been exciting, with the lead of overall standings changing frequently and points being very close together. Below is an outline of our competitions and the results thus far:

Competition Winners

I am very pleased to witness all the hard work students have put in to gain points, and I have no doubt that this will continue throughout the year and their time at Wren Academy Enfield.

The final inter-house standings to date are below:

Enfield House Standings so far . . .




Last year our students took part in a wide variety of Inter-house competitions including poetry, tower building and benchball.  Though challenging at times, due to restrictions placed on us, it was fantastic to see that our House groups were able to develop and maintain such strong House identities and spirit.  Seeing the students and often staff collaborating together, developing their inter-personal and problem solving skills, was a joy for all our school community to witness and I have no doubt with the arrival of our new Year 7s and staff, this will continue to develop further.  The great thing about our range of House competitions is that every student can contribute whatever their talents and strengths

Our House competitions were extremely exciting, with the lead of the overall standings frequently changing throughout the year.  Below is a summary of the competitions the students took part in and the winners:

Competition Winners
Poetry Bow
Remote Sit Up Challenge Walbrook
Benchball Strand
Tower Building Bow
Movie Making Holborn
DBE Project Walbrook
Zip Card Design Bow

Upon reaching the final week of the term, the overall standings were extremely close, however once all elements of the House Cup were considered, Bow were crowned as our inaugural Wren Academy Enfield Inter-house Competition Winners. Below are the overall standings:

Enfield House Points

A huge congratulations is not only afforded to all students and staff associated with Bow for their victory.

In addition to the House Cup, students also competed for the Athletics and Sports Day trophies.  Piccadilly won both of these competitions and have set the pace in regards to the sporting competitions.

Competition Winners
Inter-House Bow
Athletics Piccadilly
Sports Day Piccadilly

All students entered fully into the spirit of our House competitions and contributed to some enjoyable contests.  We are now keen to see how the addition of our new Year 7s will change the standings of our competitions.  I am sure that this will be another exciting year for every member of our community.