Stubbers Adventure Centre Posted: 20/07/21

Once again, our pioneer students did us proud.

On Monday 5 July we began Activities Week with a trip to Stubbers Adventure Centre.  It was a fantastic opportunity for staff and students to enjoy an amazing day together.  The students participated in a range of activities which included archery, caving, laser tag and paddle boarding.  The day encouraged students to draw on their learning muscles to overcome a range of challenges.  The trip optimised the Wren community spirit encouraging students to work together as a team and support each other when they experienced moments of apprehension.

The staff at Stubbers Adventure Centre voiced their appreciation for the way our students conducted themselves throughout the day.  Once again, our pioneer students did us proud.  Not only are we blessed with excellent students, we also have staff that are committed to providing them the very best provision both in and outside the Academy.  Therefore, I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff; without their contributions and support events such as these would not be possible.

To read some of the students feedback, please read the article in the recent newsletter Newsletters - Welcome to Wren Enfield (

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