Focus Day 2 Posted: 20/07/21

The outdoor team building activity was a highlight for many

On Thursday 8 July students participated in a Focus Day that explored the beautifully designed churches and unique, individual identities of their House groups.  Our students participated in a range of activities to celebrate and discover more about themselves and their Houses.  They were architectives for the day, looking at the history of Christopher Wren’s most infamous designs, such as St Paul’s Cathedral and Monument.  Students were able to take virtual tours of their House Churches and make links to the ethos of the Academy.  Students also used a range of skills and learning powers to complete creative team building tasks.  These ranged from budgeting for their own House Common Room to designing a symbolic House Shield.  The outdoor team building activity was a highlight for many, as all students refined and showcased their teamwork, concentration and co-ordination in a friendly competition with other Houses.

The day was an opportunity for students to reflect on their first year at Wren Academy Enfield and all of the ways they have maintained the vision and ethos of the school, their Houses, and themselves. It was a chance for students to consider their responsibility as role models for future years and establish themselves as pioneers of their respective Houses. We rounded up the day with a video message and prayer from Reverend Alison Phillips . This gave students the chance to be reverent and finish the day in a calm, reflective manner, honing in on what is means to be a part of a community and part of Wren Academy Enfield.

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