Photography Enrichment Posted: 27/06/22

We meet every Tuesday to explore the various techniques and skills needed to take and edit photographs.

In our Photography Enrichment at Wren Academy Enfield, we meet every Tuesday to explore the various techniques and skills needed to take and edit photographs. We do this based on the research and mood boards we create. This enrichment allows the students a chance to get outside the classroom setting and better understand the environment around them. The young photographers take inspiration from the images they have collected and use them to enhance their creative minds and find interesting ways to bring that inspiration into the photos that they then take.


So far during this enrichment, we have only scratched the surface of the many ways in which you can edit a photograph. Getting a captivating image is only the beginning! After the Easter holidays we will be diving into all the different ways you can adjust and intensify the look of your final image.

Each week a Photographer of the Week is chosen, it is based on the overall look of the photo and the techniques used to draw the viewers’ attention. The winner of the Photographer of the Week competition receives a certificate with their name on, a positive contribution and the winning image features on the Wren Academy Enfield twitter feed.


Here are some insights from our photographers in this enrichment:

In photography enrichment, we have learnt a variety of things about the composition of photos, different camera angles, lighting and key skills necessary for taking good photos. We have also been taking some of our own photos in the playground and at home. It is so fun! Sophie, 8 Bow

When I picked photography, I thought it was going to be easy and simple, yet it is very complex since Mr Nash continues to set challenges to help us grow and persevere in the long run. I feel it is important to know how to capture the true beauty (or amusing) essence in a photo. Summer, 7 Strand

I really like photography enrichment as it is really interesting. My favourite thing about this enrichment is that we get to go out into the playground and take photos. Every week Mr Nash chooses the best photo of the week which is put on the twitter page. Ciaran, 7 Walbrook

In photography enrichment, we learn a variety of skills such as working with peers and collaborating to get new and creative ideas to take photos of, however taking photos is not all we do, we also admire each other’s work and tell them the pros and cons of it. Tom, 8 Bow